SaaS Application

The new system is a fully featured multi-tenant application designed with extensive support for the following functionality:

•  Rich dashboard with unlimited charting functionality
•  Tenant based configuration of application look and feel
•  User preference based configuration of system’s behavior
•  Custom reporting
•  Custom charts with lines, bars, pies and data export functionality
•  Wide variety of data entry screens
•  Multiple user roles with appropriate system security settings
•  Automated processing of user authentication
•  Public RSS based data views
•  Unlimited reporting data summaries for multi-level and cross organizational data views
•  and much more …

This system incorporates multiple “best of breed” technologies (.NET C#, SQL Server) and technical solutions utilized by a wide variety of world class software as a service (SaaS) providers. Contact us directly with your questions regarding any SaaS solutions, how they can benefit your business, solution development questions or anything else you would like our input on.

We will be happy to share our experiences or perhaps lend a hand.

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