Consulting Services

Our dedicated consultants have been providing proven consulting services for over 20 years. We’ve built countless business applications, websites, e-commerce solutions, data warehouses, business intelligence systems, reporting and integration solutions.

We offer effective consulting services that add measurable value; it’s our passion!

If you are looking for short-term assistance and need experienced consulting services then contact Solid Cage, Inc. and our talented team will show you how we get the job done right.

Are you a startup? Get all your IT needs handled by our experts, we have been providing our consulting services for years to various startup organizations. Our consulting services cover website and software application development, patent development, network administration, virtual server setup and other related IT services.

We build business applications, websites and a variety of software solutions using a wide variety of technical tools. We are experienced with .NET, J2EE, SQL Server, Oracle, HTML, AJAX, XML, C#, Java, JavaScript, VB, EDI, Sharepoint, Salesforce and a wide range of other tools.

Our Consulting Services Value Proposition

  • Consulting Services at Market Rates
  • Dedication to Your Business
  • 24×7 Availability
  • Smart & Focused People
  • Leading Edge Technology Solutions
  • Sound Advice

Consulting Services & Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing is the next technical direction that is revolutionizing the way businesses run their IT operations. As business shifts in this direction, we want to help our customers achieve costs savings and other benefits of SaaS solutions.

  • Do you have questions about SaaS?
  • How is it going to help your business?
  • How will it lower IT costs?
  • What does it all mean to your business?
  • Is my data safe and secure in a SaaS solution?
  • What are the pitfalls of SaaS?

Contact us with your questions and concerns. Solid Cage offers consulting services that add value to your business.

Fixed Price Software as a Service (SaaS) Pilot Project

If a SaaS solution sounds right for you, consider a fixed price SaaS Pilot Project. Solid Cage, Inc. will implement a SaaS Pilot Project in less than 90 days. We’ll ensure you understand how a SaaS solution reduces costs and adds value to your business.

There are many reasons for why you want to work with us, we want to work with you as well.

Contact us to discuss how our consulting services can satisfy your needs.